During a tour of forests in the Regional Park Mura-Drava in Međimurje County, a team from ZEO Nobilis stumbled upon a discarded animal carcass in the forest near the villages of Podbrest and Orehovica.

The case was immediately reported to the municipal police responsible for that area and to the Čakovec Veterinary Station so that the remains of the discovered carcass could be properly and timely removed.

During May and June 2016, locals repeatedly reported construction waste being brought to a green space in Ulica Stjepana Radića in Čakovec.

Given that the construction waste was located right next to the residential zone, the vision of the city was marred, just like the view from the nearby buildings. ZEO Nobilis forwarded the entire case and the citizens’ reports to the Administrative Department for Communal Management of the city of Čakovec in order to establish the reason for depositing the aforementioned waste.

At the "Krka" association’s Green phone number 072 123 456, the citizens of Rogoznica reported a case of accumulating huge amounts of waste on private property. For years they warned of this problem but after a tip, the "Krka" association sent numerous letters to the competent institutions a restoration of the area was soon followed.

Media article: http://mok.hr/zupanija-info/item/20593-foto-zbog-eko-udruge-krka-knin-gl...

Photo: Rogoznica after :)

Via the Green phone in April this year, Green Osijek has received citizens’ reports of material damage (the place of Privlaka, not far from Vinkovci) resulted from treating of PIK's sunflower fields with herbicides for broadleaf weeds.

Locals claim that the company PIK Vinkovci when spraying their fields with herbicides also harmed the neighboring crops of locals and destroyed many gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and other crops in the range of 1.5 km from the treated fields of sunflowers as well.

Citizens who live in the Pula area since October 2015 have nowhere to properly dispose of construction waste due to the closure of the Valmarin landfill for construction waste.

Regarding this problem, we got a lot of queries from citizens over the Green phone and we think is unacceptable that the citizens for more than four months now have no place that allows for proper disposal of construction waste. Pursuant to The Law on sustainable waste management, local government units shall determine the location for the management of construction waste in their area.

At the beginning of April the Sunce association’s Green phone received a report from the municipality of Klis in which our applicants warn of increased and possible illegal waste disposal.

We received the a report of the locals from Sukošan via the “Green Phone” of Eco Zadar who complained about the odour which makes it difficult to the residents to breathe, and comes from the location Golo Brdo, 2 km from the village.

For years now, all sorts of waste are deposited there which systematically threatens human health and destroys the nature. Namely, the stream flows next to that waste which eventually merges with the sea, and waste such as asbestos, oil, asphalt, stifle and similar id disposed of.

Environment Protection Organisation Nobilis received a call for help from the locals of the village Okrugli vrh in Međimurje County regarding the inability to further tolerate the negligent handling of waste from the poultry industry.

It is no secret at all that the Međimurje County is a “promised land” for many owners of poultry which usually not be a problem if everyone acted conscientiously with the waste from the said industry.

The adoption of Waste Management Plan and III Amendment to the Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Barilović is pending.

It was pointed out in both documents that in the area of Barilović there is no waste dumped in the environment that would be considered an open dump or illegally deposited waste. Therefore no rehabilitation of open dumps is included in those documents.

The City of Čakovec and Međimurje County are one of the leading in Croatia when it comes to a separate classification of waste.

Although the communal municipal infrastructure and the waste management itself are at a very high level, it is shocking when we encounter scattered waste practically in the centre of the town, in the urban area under the overpass that connects the suburb with the very centre of the City of Čakovec.