How the utility company "Zlatna Luka"" Sukošan “MANAGES” a dump near Sukošan?

We received the a report of the locals from Sukošan via the “Green Phone” of Eco Zadar who complained about the odour which makes it difficult to the residents to breathe, and comes from the location Golo Brdo, 2 km from the village.

For years now, all sorts of waste are deposited there which systematically threatens human health and destroys the nature. Namely, the stream flows next to that waste which eventually merges with the sea, and waste such as asbestos, oil, asphalt, stifle and similar id disposed of.

The same harmful waste is later being incinerated and a thick smoke of unpleasant and stuffy smell that lasts for hours spreads around. Open pits in which the faeces are being unloaded are also situated there. Two years ago, the utility company “Zlatna Luka” Sukošan took over the management of the said dump, but the situation did not change significantly, and we think it is even worse. The same utility company put the ramps with padlocks in order to charge the disposal of that waste.

We forwarded the report to the of Environment and Nature Protection which established that the location Golo Brdo is defined as a recycling yard in zone K3 - communal-service purpose, and ordered Zlatna luka Sukošan d.o.o. to remove the rest of the irregularities.

The problem of emptying septic tanks was forwarded to the Water Rights Inspection of the Ministry of Agriculture to act within its competence. Environmental Inspection is not competent to act in part of the report relating to the payment of the service and the report was delivered to the competent customs administration of the Ministry of Finance to act within its competence.