Material damage occurred during treatment with herbicides for broadleaf weeds on leased state land and damaged residents and their groves

Via the Green phone in April this year, Green Osijek has received citizens’ reports of material damage (the place of Privlaka, not far from Vinkovci) resulted from treating of PIK's sunflower fields with herbicides for broadleaf weeds.

Locals claim that the company PIK Vinkovci when spraying their fields with herbicides also harmed the neighboring crops of locals and destroyed many gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and other crops in the range of 1.5 km from the treated fields of sunflowers as well.

When treating PIK's fields, an unpleasant smell spread through the air and three days later there was visible damage to crops. Cabbage, lettuce, tomato, cherry and walnut trees, all have clearly visible white spots, with loss of pigmentation and signs of drying on their leaves. It is assumed that the herbicide used was RACER 25EC which, according to its content and type of the active substance, belongs to group III toxins.

Locals are worried and fear that their vegetables that were affected during the treatment are not safe and are dangerous for consumption and preparation of any sort. The police was contacted but no criminal offense was determined. We reported the case to the competent institutions, environmental inspection service and agricultural inspection.