In Čakovec, even a little disposed waste is considered to be a major problem

The City of Čakovec and Međimurje County are one of the leading in Croatia when it comes to a separate classification of waste.

Although the communal municipal infrastructure and the waste management itself are at a very high level, it is shocking when we encounter scattered waste practically in the centre of the town, in the urban area under the overpass that connects the suburb with the very centre of the City of Čakovec.

Since this is a common problem even in the rest of the Republic of Croatia, the procedure is always the same. To photograph the “crime” scene and report the issue to the municipal services monitoring officer, who is obliged to rehabilitate the location. In this case, the problem was resolved the next day. Since it is one of the cities with a high standard when it comes to selective separation of waste, even a little disposed waste is considered to be a major problem.

Awareness of citizens concerning the proper management of waste is very important, but it is not always possible to affect each individual to the same extent, which is proved by mentioned case.