Construction waste for months now has been winding up in small forests.

Citizens who live in the Pula area since October 2015 have nowhere to properly dispose of construction waste due to the closure of the Valmarin landfill for construction waste.

Regarding this problem, we got a lot of queries from citizens over the Green phone and we think is unacceptable that the citizens for more than four months now have no place that allows for proper disposal of construction waste. Pursuant to The Law on sustainable waste management, local government units shall determine the location for the management of construction waste in their area.

Local government units are also obliged to secure acceptance of construction waste from their territory through recycling yards. According to the Ordinance on amendments to the Rules on waste management (OG 121 / 15) and Appendix 3 of the ordinance, a list of waste has been created and the person who manages the recycling yard shall receive it, and among other types of waste listed is construction waste from households (related only to construction waste generated by maintenance and minor repairs performed by the owner himself in the amount of no more than 200 kg in six consecutive months).

Therefore we appealed and sent a letter to the city to urgently ensure the acceptance of construction waste from a household recycling yard in Pula to avoid the creation of new illegal landfills in nature and in order for the City of Pula to provide citizens a proper means of disposal of construction waste from households in accordance with the Law.

From the City of Pula, we obtained information on the planned new location for the construction waste landfill which "provides putting into operation the location Vidrijan”. So far, the City council adopted a Decision to initiate the procedure for the deletion of the Vidrijan exploitation field of technical-construction stone- quarry Tivoli from the Register of exploitation fields, a report was sent to the County office of Istria county for the deletion of the respective location, the implementation of measures of security at that location, inspection and all other actions to follow in order for the location to obtain its purpose ".

We did not get specific information whether construction waste is accepted in the recycling yard, and when the new landfill will open, and judging by the Green phone citizen calls, by that time our small forests will again be re-buried with construction debris.