Disposal of construction and other debris along the river Jadro

At the beginning of April the Sunce association’s Green phone received a report from the municipality of Klis in which our applicants warn of increased and possible illegal waste disposal.

At the location of Majdan in the municipality of Klis construction and other waste have been deposited for a long time. At first, the offender was a private company that deposited only construction waste, but now the number of people that dispose here has increased substantially, to the extent that now everyone deposits here - those who do not know where to dispose of this waste and those who are hindered in the process of disposal of such waste in a suitable location for one reason or another, or those who simply do not have the feeling or the need to preserve the environment. As the number of people that deposited here increased every day, logically, the waste increased as well - now, in addition to the construction waste, we can also find shot, plastic pipes and more.

Also, the residents are disturbed with the large amount of dust and noise caused by these actions. The damage to the environment is even greater considering all this is happening just along the river Jadro a part of which is protected as a special ichthyologic reserve.

The legal team of the Sunce association urgently acted upon this report and the solution has not yet been determined.