New case of negligent disposal of waste from the poultry industry

Environment Protection Organisation Nobilis received a call for help from the locals of the village Okrugli vrh in Međimurje County regarding the inability to further tolerate the negligent handling of waste from the poultry industry.

It is no secret at all that the Međimurje County is a “promised land” for many owners of poultry which usually not be a problem if everyone acted conscientiously with the waste from the said industry.

Just a few hundred meters from the first row of houses of the mentioned village, the locals reported waste disposal involving faeces, slurry and even dead chickens, which attracts wild boars from the surrounding forest, and harasses the locals because of the unpleasant smell during the warmer days.

The report is now sent to the competent institutions - the competent veterinary unpleasant smell and Sanitary Inspection, and we are anxious to see the outcome of the situation ...