Zelena Istra

Through the Green Phone citizens reported illegal disposal of harmful materials into the stream in the village of Sovinjak in Buzet.

Namely, this June a part of the county road of approximately 1000 m2 in the village of Sovinjak was repaired.
The County Roads Administration of Istria County, which concluded a contract with Istarske ceste d.o.o. for the performance of works, is in charge of repairing the road, while the locals are saying that a local company from Buzet was also contracted for the performance of works.

Anxious citizens addressed us on the Association’s Green phone yet again, this time due to felling of trees near the Arena.

Citizens who live in the Pula area since October 2015 have nowhere to properly dispose of construction waste due to the closure of the Valmarin landfill for construction waste.

Regarding this problem, we got a lot of queries from citizens over the Green phone and we think is unacceptable that the citizens for more than four months now have no place that allows for proper disposal of construction waste. Pursuant to The Law on sustainable waste management, local government units shall determine the location for the management of construction waste in their area.

Citizens of Pula found a pitiful sight of sawing trees in front of the Social Centre Rojc.

We have previously informed the public about the plans for cutting down the trees because of the construction of the skate park based on a report of the citizens via the Green Phone. We tried to obtain information from the Administrative Department for the Municipal System and Property.

Stabla stoje

Via the Green Phone of the Association Zelena Istra (Green Istria), in July 2015 we received a report by the citizens about the excessive noise level by the hospitality facilities at the street Osipovica in Medulin, on Medulin seafront, and citizens note that the music id loud every night from 17 p.m. to 4 a.m., and that the noise is unbearable.

Via the Facebook page of Green Istria the citizens sent a video in which it was recorded how the driver of the truck threw the concrete out in the sea in the area of the former military base at Valelunga in Pula!

We recently received three reports via the Green Phone of Green Istria that have a common denominator - it is about crafts for the processing of metals and plastics, which are located in residential areas.

Green Istria Green Phone service received numerous calls about the endangerment of aquatic habitats in Istria. The most recent example is the devastation of Rakov potok (Crab Creek) in Cerovlje Municipality. As is evident from its name, this creek is the habitat of a multitude of endangered native river crabs that are protected by law (NN 70/05) and have been included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as well as Appendix III of the Bern Convention.