CATEGORY NOISE: An unbearable noise from the bars besides the summer heat in Medulin

Via the Green Phone of the Association Zelena Istra (Green Istria), in July 2015 we received a report by the citizens about the excessive noise level by the hospitality facilities at the street Osipovica in Medulin, on Medulin seafront, and citizens note that the music id loud every night from 17 p.m. to 4 a.m., and that the noise is unbearable.

We dealt with this case in the summer of 2014. We reported the case to the Administrative Department of Public Utilities industry and to the Sanitary Inspectorate as only them can warn the owners of bars about the responsibility to carry out the measures for the protection against noise when playing music through electro-acoustic devices.

The noise was recognised as a public health problem. It is the everyday environmental factor which acts stressfully, and to which a person is not capable to adapt. Noise is defined as any unwanted sound in the environment in which people live and work, and which causes an uncomfortable feeling or may affect the health adversely. Sensitivity to noise depends on the characteristics of noise (strength, rhythm, and content), individual characteristics of exposed persons (state of organs of hearing, age and individual sensitivity to noise) and on the length, type, and mode of exposure (person's position towards the source of the noise, the presence or absence noise during the holidays taken during working hours and in spare time).

The main sources of noise in outer space are transport, construction, and public works, industry, recreation, sports and entertainment.
Although we know it is the tourism season and that the nightlife should be alive, we appeal to the hospitality facilities to comply with the noise level in accordance with the "Regulation on the maximum permissible noise levels in the environment in which people work and live" (OG 145/04). Article 15: "Hospitality facilities that work at night, in which the hospitality activity is performed or hospitality services are provided, in which the music is provided for by the regulation governing the minimum requirements, it is allowed to perform the music of the highest level of LA eq=90 dB(A), the mean peak level of LA,01=100 dB(A)."