Concrete from mixer truck thrown out in the sea

Via the Facebook page of Green Istria the citizens sent a video in which it was recorded how the driver of the truck threw the concrete out in the sea in the area of the former military base at Valelunga in Pula!

The case was reported to the police who immediately came on-site to determine the circumstances of the event. It is about a construction company that builds concrete blocks on Valelunga. We immediately reported the case to the Environmental Inspection and requested immediate intervention because the works are still in progress and there is a strong possibility that they will repeat the same or similar situation of unloading the concrete into the sea, if the authorities fail to react promptly. On July 13th we received a feedback from the Environmental Inspection, which states the inspection conducted a supervision on the construction site and found that it is a craft Beton Tomišić which carries out the works for the company Sun Adria d.o.o., which is the contractor, but that it is necessary to implement all the necessary actions and verify all the facts and that we will receive the information within the legal deadline.

News and video concerning the pouring the concrete into the sea went viral on social networks and portals, and we hope that it will not even cross the perpetrators’ mind to do such a thing again.