Green Phone Inquiries

In order to demonstrate the work of activists on the Green Phone, their patience, perseverance, and commitment which are required, we thought it would be the best to show you the cases (Inquiries) which we have been solving. As you will see, the methods and approaches to solving the problems differ from case to case, likewise some of them are solved successfully, and some are still ongoing. Other than the mere presentation of our work, it is our desire is to give you some new ideas for solving environmental problems in your environment. Each case contains the category to which it relates, and the name of the association which resolved the case.

How important is to advise the citizens and encourage them to actively participate in the protection of nature is proven by the case in Gazije.

In September this year, the construction of the road through the village began. In parallel with the construction of the road, the concreting of the stream started, in a place where the stream used to flood part of the road. In addition to the described stream, the sleeve of the stream is also running through the village. The contractor decided to fill in the sleeve in order to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of works.

The City of Čakovec and Međimurje County are one of the leading in Croatia when it comes to a separate classification of waste.

Although the communal municipal infrastructure and the waste management itself are at a very high level, it is shocking when we encounter scattered waste practically in the centre of the town, in the urban area under the overpass that connects the suburb with the very centre of the City of Čakovec.

While working on the Green Phone we often encounter difficulties in solving the reports of light pollution.

At the end of march 2012, citizens informed green action on the green phone of the cutting of trees in the private forest in sesvete. They visited the disputed parcel themselves and found that most of the trees were marked for cutting. We directed the citizens to call the police, and we, given current long-term experience, started to resolve this case with the assumption of illegal clear-cutting of forest parcel with the aim of converting it from green zone to construction zone in the Spatial planning documents, and finally constructing of buildings.

In association franjo koščec we had several inquiries on the green phone related to crows - small beautiful birds that shout loudly (in cities) and attack agricultural lands (in the agricultural areas). At a time when the birds have nests and young birds - in the Republic of Croatia they are all protected, i.e. for them there is no closed season for hunting. The problem arises when the birds which have usually fed in landfills, lose their place for feeding, because we humans finally decided to rehabilitate the landfill.

We received a report of an open dump of asbestos waste on the island of Olib via the Green Phone of Eko Zadar. The landfill is located just behind the seafront and, according to the notifier, it has disfigured the maritime property for a year now. We sent the report to the city of Zadar, Administrative Department of Public Utilities.

Citizens of Pula found a pitiful sight of sawing trees in front of the Social Centre Rojc.

We have previously informed the public about the plans for cutting down the trees because of the construction of the skate park based on a report of the citizens via the Green Phone. We tried to obtain information from the Administrative Department for the Municipal System and Property.

Stabla stoje

We have received a report from the resident of Posedarje concerning the unloading of faeces in the open pit having a diameter of 20 x 20 in which the septic tanks are unloaded from all the surrounding villages, and unbearable stench spreads around the village (especially because the pit is open).

We received two reports in relation to the park of Hotel Belvedere via the Green Phone of Association Žmergo.

The hotel is closed during winter season, and therefore it does not clean its environment and obviously becomes a target for vandalism. The first report concerns the steel structure rammed into a live tree - cypress, and the other concerns the overturned or otherwise overflowing garbage can (nobody emptied it since the hotel was closed).

The Dalmatian area more frequently encounters problems concerning land reclamation. With the growth of the tourist season, and thus by the possibility of greater earnings, this problem becomes more pronounced.

So, over the past year, we received sever cases of land reclamations concerning the coast - beaches, promenades and the like via the line of Green Phone of the Association Sunce.

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