Green Phone Inquiries

In order to demonstrate the work of activists on the Green Phone, their patience, perseverance, and commitment which are required, we thought it would be the best to show you the cases (Inquiries) which we have been solving. As you will see, the methods and approaches to solving the problems differ from case to case, likewise some of them are solved successfully, and some are still ongoing. Other than the mere presentation of our work, it is our desire is to give you some new ideas for solving environmental problems in your environment. Each case contains the category to which it relates, and the name of the association which resolved the case.

During a tour of forests in the Regional Park Mura-Drava in Međimurje County, a team from ZEO Nobilis stumbled upon a discarded animal carcass in the forest near the villages of Podbrest and Orehovica.

The case was immediately reported to the municipal police responsible for that area and to the Čakovec Veterinary Station so that the remains of the discovered carcass could be properly and timely removed.

The Association Krka-Knin received a report through the Green Phone about two plates in
public areas which caused people to stumble and fall (a woman even dislocated her arm). The municipal police force of the town of Knin was informed (by telephone), and the municipal police immediately resolved the case.

During May and June 2016, locals repeatedly reported construction waste being brought to a green space in Ulica Stjepana Radića in Čakovec.

Given that the construction waste was located right next to the residential zone, the vision of the city was marred, just like the view from the nearby buildings. ZEO Nobilis forwarded the entire case and the citizens’ reports to the Administrative Department for Communal Management of the city of Čakovec in order to establish the reason for depositing the aforementioned waste.

Through the Green Phone we received a report on the existence of a hidden base station of a telecom operator on Pag Island. The exact address is: “Stara Riva”, on the old saltworks building next to the bridge. The locals are saying that they are currently in the process of procuring a device for measuring EM fields and radiation of that type. They are warning against possibly harmful radiation and adverse impact on the health of people living near the base station.

The Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce received a report indicating air pollution which poses a serious health hazard to residents through the Green Phone in September 2016.

Namely, in Split in the area of Brda District citizens noticed clouds of coal dust hanging over the entire area of Sjeverna Luka. The dust enters people’s homes which is very dangerous, especially having in mind children. One of the attached pictures shows a crib covered in coal dust.
This case is pending.

The Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce received a report from tenants of a building in Split through the Green Phone this year in August.

In accordance with the Decision on Communal Order of the city of Karlovac, movement of vehicles across public green spaces is strictly prohibited, as well as their stopping and/or parking.

Despite the ban, parked cars on the river Korana in Karlovac are almost a daily occurrence, especially in the summer months.

Through the Green Phone in July this year, Zeleni Osijek has received several calls from concerned citizens regarding the disposal of railway sleepers at the Našice railway station, on the sixth track.
A large number of railway sleepers are located here, just a few meters from the houses of nearby citizens.

In 2015, the "Krka" Ecological Association, Knin received a call via the Green Phone (072 123456) from a citizen who reported that at the beginning of Donji Žagrović, beside the river Radljevac, someone had been starting fires always in the same place. Several times each day (even on weekends), smoke rises from there. The smoke is mostly present at dawn, around 6:00 am. He mentioned that this could be a wild landfill that may pose a major environmental threat along the river.

A citizen called the Green Phone of Eco Pan and asked for help in solving a problem related to an open channel for wastewater.
It is an abandoned channel, covered with grass and weeds, from which wastewater does not drain but is retained and floods the surrounding land.