Large illuminated advertising “penetrates" the citizens’ bedrooms

While working on the Green Phone we often encounter difficulties in solving the reports of light pollution.

Although under the Act on the Protection from Light Pollution, Article 31, paragraph (1) “Inspection over the implementation of this Act and its implementing regulations is carried out by Environmental Inspection and Commercial Inspection, each within its scope.”, the Environmental Inspection is the one which is competent for resolving such forms of pollutions, in responses sent to us by the Environmental Inspection it mainly states that it is not authorised to act, and it refers us to the municipal services or other services.

Two years ago, the Green Phone of Green Action reported an illuminated advertising placed on the building in Gruška ulica to the Environmental Inspection, whose beam of light “penetrates” the citizens’ windows and part of the beam lights up the sky. Since our first report until the removal of advertisement almost one year passed by and it precisely because of the above mentioned reasons. The citizens recently informed us that a new large illuminated advertising was placed on the same building. We sent again the report of light pollution in Gruška ulica to the Environmental Inspection.

On the same day Environmental Inspection informed us that our report was forwarded to municipal services, and with regard to the suspicion of illegal placing of illuminated advertising. Thus, not a single word on light pollution. Municipal services very quickly informed us that they have no authority to act, since the controversial illuminated advertising billboard has a surface larger than 12 m2, and as stated in the Decision on communal order, the department of municipal services is competent for the supervision over the advertising objects having a surface of less than 12 m2.

And so it goes in circle probably for another year.