Crows and people

In association franjo koščec we had several inquiries on the green phone related to crows - small beautiful birds that shout loudly (in cities) and attack agricultural lands (in the agricultural areas). At a time when the birds have nests and young birds - in the Republic of Croatia they are all protected, i.e. for them there is no closed season for hunting. The problem arises when the birds which have usually fed in landfills, lose their place for feeding, because we humans finally decided to rehabilitate the landfill. Then the crows are looking where it would be the easiest to get the food, and in agricultural areas those are arable lands where farmers just planted the spring seeds. For them, it is not a problem to remove the corn, pumpkin seeds, or even potatoes. The only solution against them is that the hunters thin them at the time when they are not under protection or to wait for a harsh winter when they will die because of the cold and lack of food. Farmers are left to think to plant an autumn culture this year on the territory where there are many crows, since at the time of planting the crows are not looking for additional food to feed their young.