Eko Pan

In accordance with the Decision on Communal Order of the city of Karlovac, movement of vehicles across public green spaces is strictly prohibited, as well as their stopping and/or parking.

Despite the ban, parked cars on the river Korana in Karlovac are almost a daily occurrence, especially in the summer months.

The Eco Pan Green phone received a report in which the applicant is concerned about the actions of her neighbor; specifically, the neighbor in question kills swallows with his air rifle. She asks what to do or how to prevent him from doing that? Swallows are a strictly protected species under the Ordinance on strictly protected species (Official Gazette 144/13) and the Nature Protection Act (NN 80/13) explicitly prohibits their killing, destruction of nests, habitat destruction and the like.

The adoption of Waste Management Plan and III Amendment to the Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Barilović is pending.

It was pointed out in both documents that in the area of Barilović there is no waste dumped in the environment that would be considered an open dump or illegally deposited waste. Therefore no rehabilitation of open dumps is included in those documents.

Via the Green Phone of Pan, Association for Environment Nature and Protection, we received a report on wounded swan in a forest near Orlovac.

We informed the Centre 112 on the finding of the injured swan and the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Nature Areas in the area of Karlovac County - Natura Viva.

The wounds of the injured swan have been healed by dr.vet.med. Mladen Bulat from Karlovac who was informed thereof by the Centre 112. According to the veterinarian Bulat, visibly exhausted swan had an injured leg from which he removed a round bullet.

In May 2015, we received yet another call via the Green Phone of Eko Pan regarding the discharge of faeces into the channel for rainwater which in this way end up directly in the river Korana in Malići.

During the summer, Eko Pan received a call to the Green Phone from the city Tounj (near Ogulin) regarding improper disposal of barrels with unknown content on a private parcel.

Given that over the past few months illegal depositing of nearly 80 barrels of hazardous waste has been recorded in Karlovačka County, citizens have become very sensitive to these illicit phenomena.

After repeated reports to the Green Phone of Eco Pan this year related to the discharge of the contents of septic tanks (faeces) in the environment, and given the failure of the competent services to act, we have decided to refer the complaint to the superior officials of these authorities in the Ministry of Health.

The Green phone of Eco Pan received several reports during the spring related to the discharge of waste and sewage water on the adjacent parcels, open channels for rainwater, fields, etc., in towns and suburban settlements around the city of Karlovac.