Killing of swallows

The Eco Pan Green phone received a report in which the applicant is concerned about the actions of her neighbor; specifically, the neighbor in question kills swallows with his air rifle. She asks what to do or how to prevent him from doing that? Swallows are a strictly protected species under the Ordinance on strictly protected species (Official Gazette 144/13) and the Nature Protection Act (NN 80/13) explicitly prohibits their killing, destruction of nests, habitat destruction and the like. The killing or torture of animals is also restricted by Article 205 of the Criminal Code (Official Gazette 125/11, 144/12, 56/15, 61/15) as a criminal offense punishable with imprisonment of up to one year. Eco Pan has therefore filed a report to the Nature protection inspection in which it requests the enforcement of inspection supervision and the imposition of legally prescribed measures against the perpetrator. Given that this is also a criminal offense, the offender was reported to the police.