How the municipal police force is (not) resolving the problem of parking in public green spaces

In accordance with the Decision on Communal Order of the city of Karlovac, movement of vehicles across public green spaces is strictly prohibited, as well as their stopping and/or parking.

Despite the ban, parked cars on the river Korana in Karlovac are almost a daily occurrence, especially in the summer months.

Eco Pan has repeatedly addressed the Community Warden Service in relation to this problem. We received their answer that they occasionally go to the above location, together with the police, and that they fine the citizens who violate the ban. Apparently, not often enough. An additional problem, as they state, is the fact that citizens come to Korana mostly in the afternoon, i.e. after the working hours of the community wardens.

The latest report contained pictures of parked vehicles clearly showing their registration plates, and the police had also been notified. The police only answered that they act upon such reports in cooperation with the municipal police, and on this occasion no answer has been received from the municipal police.
While the police and the municipal police do not respond to such reports, careless citizens continue to park their cars right next to the river.