Waste / sewage water anywhere, everywhere

The Green phone of Eco Pan received several reports during the spring related to the discharge of waste and sewage water on the adjacent parcels, open channels for rainwater, fields, etc., in towns and suburban settlements around the city of Karlovac.

In towns and cities where there is no built public sewerage system, people mainly use septic tanks. Unfortunately, the vast majority of septic tanks have been built at a time when they did not have to comply with the requirements which are becoming an obligation upon the construction thereof (size, impermeability, etc.). In addition, irresponsible individuals discharge and empty the contents of septic tanks in all possible ways, contaminating the environment (soil, water, forests, air, etc.).

Also, with such irresponsible and unlawful behaviour, the health risk of the population in these places is greatly increased, given that the waste waters are becoming the focus of possible infection in this way, which is particularly evident during the summer months when temperatures are very high and contribute to the spread of a variety of harmful organisms.

Local residents are faced with this problem in the suburban settlement of Turanj for many years. In the summer of 2013, we received a report from conscientious local resident who warned us about the unbearable situation involving faecal waters discharged into the environment. After going to the field and photographing the locations, we informed all competent persons responsible for its resolution of the problem (City of Karlovac, Sanitary Inspection, PHI (Public Health Institute) of Karlovačka County).

The city of Karlovac promised to solve the problem and repair the situation until it finds a permanent solution. Sanitary Inspector for the area of Karlovac, although very well aware of the situation, unfortunately failed to take all available measures provided by law, justifying his failure with the inability of supervision due to property rights which restrict his access and supervision over the facilities which are a potential source of contamination. Of course, such an attempt of justification is completely unacceptable and it is not grounded, so we reported the conduct of the Sanitary Inspection from Karlovac to the competent persons at the Ministry of Health.

From all the persons and institutions to whom we have reported the problem, only the PHI of Karlovačka County submitted its opinion in due time, inviting all responsible persons and institutions to solve this problem as soon as possible given that, as such, it represents a real danger to the health of local residents. Despite all the promises, the situation has not changed a bit to this day and has escalated again. Eko Pan, in cooperation with the local media and by visiting the site again, warned all those responsible for the need for urgent solving of the problem. http://kaportal.hr/predgradje-karlovca-potopljeno-fekalijama.

In addition, the whole situation was reported to competent services again, and the report of Eko Pan, this time was directly addressed to the Head of the Sanitary Inspection of the Ministry of Health. We are still waiting for the answers of those competent, as well as for them to solve the problem. According to the latest information PFB (Public Fire Brigade) Karlovac started to take certain actions as to bring the above situation to somewhat acceptable condition. Of course, we still expect permanent resolution of this problem, but also of many other same situations we come across while working on the Green Phone. We expect the Sanitary Inspection to carry out supervision and to take measures which are available to them under the law, because that exactly is their job for which they are paid by those same citizens.

To be continued...