Association Sunce

The Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce received a report indicating air pollution which poses a serious health hazard to residents through the Green Phone in September 2016.

Namely, in Split in the area of Brda District citizens noticed clouds of coal dust hanging over the entire area of Sjeverna Luka. The dust enters people’s homes which is very dangerous, especially having in mind children. One of the attached pictures shows a crib covered in coal dust.
This case is pending.

The Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce received a report from tenants of a building in Split through the Green Phone this year in August.

In May this year, the Sunce Association for Nature, Environment, and Sustainable Development received a waste category report at its Green Phone service.
Namely, this case involves the illegal disposal of waste in a populated area. The situation worsened as the heat increased with the season, and the stench coming from the landfill became intolerable, resulting in threat of disease to many residents in the area. It is necessary that this inhumane situation is solved as soon as possible for the benefit of all.

At the beginning of April the Sunce association’s Green phone received a report from the municipality of Klis in which our applicants warn of increased and possible illegal waste disposal.

The Green Phone of the Association for Nature, Environment and Sustainable Development Sunce (Sun) received in March this year a report on the extraction and grinding of stone for the purpose of selling, all by a private company that is mentioned in both actions performed on two private properties.

This case is particularly important because of a few facts. First, it is a locality known as Stari Grad Plain, which is located in Stari Grad on the island of Hvar, which dates from the time of ancient Greece. People still know it as ‘Hora’ or ‘Lager’.

The Dalmatian area more frequently encounters problems concerning land reclamation. With the growth of the tourist season, and thus by the possibility of greater earnings, this problem becomes more pronounced.

So, over the past year, we received sever cases of land reclamations concerning the coast - beaches, promenades and the like via the line of Green Phone of the Association Sunce.

Nasipavanje obale

In September, the Association Sunce received a report via the Green phone of inappropriate behaviour of jet-ski drivers in the protected canyon of the river Cetina in Omiš.

Specifically, this is about uncontrolled driving through the canyon of the river, which is usually noticeable during the summer by many tourists who are attracted to this area because of the beauty of the landscape and developing activist tourism.

Last month the legal team of the Association for nature, environment and sustainable development Sunce received a report via the Freen phone concerning an illegal disposal of mixed waste and general messy state of a facility located in the centre of the town of Sinj.

In May this year, the Association Sunce received a case which we named Ravno Vrdovo.

Association Sunce Green Phone activists made an on-site visit in order to determine the facts after the townspeople of Zagvozd made calls about the paving oft he asphalt base course in the immediate vicinity of the day-care centre, health facility and nature park “Biokovo”.

The capacity of the asphalt base course is 180 t/sat and that requires conducting an Environmental Impact Study and obtaining all the necessary permits, which the investor, the company “Vijadukt”, failed to do.

An initiation request for inspection has been lodged.