State of emergency in the Alka town

Last month the legal team of the Association for nature, environment and sustainable development Sunce received a report via the Freen phone concerning an illegal disposal of mixed waste and general messy state of a facility located in the centre of the town of Sinj.

In fact, this is about the wooden structure that once served as a coffee shop, located in the city centre. To make the paradox even bigger - the building with the view to this facility is the building of the Municipality of Sinj. As you can see in the photographs, the said facility is badly damaged, it has cracked windows, destroyed furniture and other waste which indicates that it could be a source of infection.

Being located close to the bus station through which a large number of people (mostly school children) goes through every day, the concerns of the notifier is completely justified. We reported the case to the competent institutions in the town of Sinj, and it is currently ongoing.