Ravno Vrdovo Project

In May this year, the Association Sunce received a case which we named Ravno Vrdovo.

Namely, it is about the eponymous plateau which is situated over 900m above sea level and is located between the mountains of Dinara and Kamešnica. This plateau is dominated by the top St. Jacob (1000m). Vrdovo is an area rich in flora and fauna, for decades reserved for recreational activities such as hiking (there are two mountain lodges and hiking trails) and cycling (bike paths), but also many other activities for nature lovers who often spend their holidays right here. Residents of nearby settlements use its fertile soil for organic production of food, and pastures for cattle grazing.

The problem appeared when we were informed that it is planned to build a new accumulation lake and power plant in this area. We believe it is important to note that this project is private, which is why the residents of the surrounding villages and numerous visitors are reluctant to the realisation thereof even more. In the absence of confidence in local authorities, the local residents, vacationers and recreationists referred to the Association Sunce in order to try to help to protect this valuable naturally intact site.

Given the particularly sensitive nature of the problem, the legal service of the Association estimated the case as very interesting and it is currently ongoing.