Jet-ski rampage on Cetina

In September, the Association Sunce received a report via the Green phone of inappropriate behaviour of jet-ski drivers in the protected canyon of the river Cetina in Omiš.

Specifically, this is about uncontrolled driving through the canyon of the river, which is usually noticeable during the summer by many tourists who are attracted to this area because of the beauty of the landscape and developing activist tourism.

However, since there is no warning at this location about the fact that the mentioned landscape belongs to the protected area, our opinion is that people are not even aware that their behaviour is inappropriate and prohibited.

The association Sunce therefore proposed to the Public Institution for the Management of Natural Resources in the Area of Split-Dalmatia County a possible solution to at least warn about the code of conduct in the protected area of nature.

In particular, we proposed setting up warning labels on key places and those visible to everyone, which that would contain notification of the importance of the location, codes of conduct at such a location, as well as possible sanctions for non-complying with them. This case is currently pending and we eagerly await its outcome. If you're not already familiar with it, you can see the photos of this beautiful place in the annex.