In May this year, the Sunce Association for Nature, Environment, and Sustainable Development received a waste category report at its Green Phone service.
Namely, this case involves the illegal disposal of waste in a populated area. The situation worsened as the heat increased with the season, and the stench coming from the landfill became intolerable, resulting in threat of disease to many residents in the area. It is necessary that this inhumane situation is solved as soon as possible for the benefit of all.

At the “Krka” association’s Green Phone at number 072 123 456, we received numerous calls from citizens about wrecks of unregistered vehicles around Knin at multiple locations.

We have informed the municipal services of Knin and received a written notice that the removal of said wrecks is to be carried out soon. After we posted the news on our website and Facebook page, citizens began reporting vehicle wreckage in nature more frequently.

At the "Krka" association’s Green phone number 072 123 456, the citizens of Rogoznica reported a case of accumulating huge amounts of waste on private property. For years they warned of this problem but after a tip, the "Krka" association sent numerous letters to the competent institutions a restoration of the area was soon followed.

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Photo: Rogoznica after :)

More frequent spills of fuel oil in Podurinj, Municipality of Kostrena, INA still does not know where the spills come from!

At the Žmergo Association’s Green phone on April the 27th citizens reported that in the coastal area around Urinj in Kostrena (harbor Podurinj) fuel oil has been spilt into the sea. Žmergo immediately reported the said incident to the competent services (Inspection of Environmental Protection, Water Management Inspectorate and the inspection at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure).

The Eco Pan Green phone received a report in which the applicant is concerned about the actions of her neighbor; specifically, the neighbor in question kills swallows with his air rifle. She asks what to do or how to prevent him from doing that? Swallows are a strictly protected species under the Ordinance on strictly protected species (Official Gazette 144/13) and the Nature Protection Act (NN 80/13) explicitly prohibits their killing, destruction of nests, habitat destruction and the like.

Via the Green phone in April this year, Green Osijek has received citizens’ reports of material damage (the place of Privlaka, not far from Vinkovci) resulted from treating of PIK's sunflower fields with herbicides for broadleaf weeds.

Locals claim that the company PIK Vinkovci when spraying their fields with herbicides also harmed the neighboring crops of locals and destroyed many gardens, vegetable gardens, orchards and other crops in the range of 1.5 km from the treated fields of sunflowers as well.

Anxious citizens addressed us on the Association’s Green phone yet again, this time due to felling of trees near the Arena.

Citizens who live in the Pula area since October 2015 have nowhere to properly dispose of construction waste due to the closure of the Valmarin landfill for construction waste.

Regarding this problem, we got a lot of queries from citizens over the Green phone and we think is unacceptable that the citizens for more than four months now have no place that allows for proper disposal of construction waste. Pursuant to The Law on sustainable waste management, local government units shall determine the location for the management of construction waste in their area.

At the beginning of April the Sunce association’s Green phone received a report from the municipality of Klis in which our applicants warn of increased and possible illegal waste disposal.

We received the a report of the locals from Sukošan via the “Green Phone” of Eco Zadar who complained about the odour which makes it difficult to the residents to breathe, and comes from the location Golo Brdo, 2 km from the village.

For years now, all sorts of waste are deposited there which systematically threatens human health and destroys the nature. Namely, the stream flows next to that waste which eventually merges with the sea, and waste such as asbestos, oil, asphalt, stifle and similar id disposed of.