Wrecks and non-registered vehicles in the Knin area

At the “Krka” association’s Green Phone at number 072 123 456, we received numerous calls from citizens about wrecks of unregistered vehicles around Knin at multiple locations.

We have informed the municipal services of Knin and received a written notice that the removal of said wrecks is to be carried out soon. After we posted the news on our website and Facebook page, citizens began reporting vehicle wreckage in nature more frequently.

Specifically, it is prohibited to leave defective, damaged, unregistered, and abandoned vehicles longer than 15 days in public areas. Unregistered, defective, or abandoned vehicles must be removed from public areas.

If the “leaver” has a first and last name, he received a formal decision to remove the vehicle. If by the end of the specified time period the owner does not remove the wreck, a municipal policeman makes a decision on the execution along with the date, time, and cost of the removal of the wreck, and the name of the company that will do the job at the owner's expense.