Association Green Action

Three trees on this site were not planted at random, but rather due to an author project that successfully formed a micro-ambience in the street that otherwise has no greenery, and the green respite that the carefully positioned trees formed contributed substantially to the quality of residence.

Trees in a city are extremely important: they create more comfortable environments, contribute to biodiversity, purify the air, regulate temperature and humidity, reduce noise pollution, dust and radiation and create shade in the summer.

While working on the Green phone of the Green action, we are often faced with reports of unlawful treatment of citizens on which, i believe, all of us would rather not respond.
We received one such case in early July, of which we were notified by the perpetrators themselves.

One of the biggest open dumps of construction and hazardous waste in Croatia for more than a decade is located in the forest of Ježdovec to the west of Zagreb, where the waste has been illegally buried in the ground for years after illegal deforestation and exploitation of sand and gravel.

While working on the Green Phone we often encounter difficulties in solving the reports of light pollution.

On the very day of the Planet Earth in 2015, citizens called the Green Phone of the Green Action with a request to help them save two Lombardy poplar trees and one cypress tree in the courtyard of their building, which several tenants wish to cut down.

At the corner of Meštrović Square and Vankina ulica in Zagreb, there used to be an open dump on public green area which was set on fire and part of the can also burnt down.

After that incident the waste was removed, but soon afterwards even greater waste was created. Citizens called the GP of the Green Action in panic, because they feared that there will be another fire.

We notified the municipal services, as well as HTV (Croatian television) team who recorded a report about it. After a few days all waste was removed.