One of three healthy trees in Masarykova Street was cut down in order to create space for a new pastry shop terrace

Three trees on this site were not planted at random, but rather due to an author project that successfully formed a micro-ambience in the street that otherwise has no greenery, and the green respite that the carefully positioned trees formed contributed substantially to the quality of residence.

Trees in a city are extremely important: they create more comfortable environments, contribute to biodiversity, purify the air, regulate temperature and humidity, reduce noise pollution, dust and radiation and create shade in the summer.

We are conveying a post from 1postozagrad
June 6th at 11:33 ·
"Friends of the Green Phone (Green Action) received an official confirmation that the City Institute for Protection of Cultural and Natural DID NOT approve the demolition of trees in Masarykova Street.
We invite you to personally contact the relevant city authorities with a request to plant the tree which should AGAIN be planted in the same place.
Just write a sentence or two and send an e-mail to all these addresses:
We also invite you to contact the Zagreb pastry shop that brought down the tree in Masarykova to construct an object on the sidewalk:
(Be polite, as you should be in life)
To solve a problem, you need to make it visible and officially contact the responsible parties, and each mail makes a difference.
We invite the media as well to independently investigate how it is possible to bring down a tree without the necessary approvals and sanctions.
Thank you."