Last month the legal team of the Association for nature, environment and sustainable development Sunce received a report via the Freen phone concerning an illegal disposal of mixed waste and general messy state of a facility located in the centre of the town of Sinj.

One of the constant problems encountered by the Environment Protection Organisation Nobilis while working on the Green Phone is precisely the discharge of slurry on private lands by careless neighbours.

The reports are most often made in the area of upper Međimurje, whether these are private fields, orchards or gardens. The area itself is specific due to the natural configuration of the soil where the adjacent property is usually on higher ground.

Citizens reported to the Green phone of the association Krka - Knin that the bridge on Krčić was devastated and dangerous.

The Association has informed the city of Knin and HEP thereof and in a few days the bridge was repaired.

This is a good example of cooperation and encouragement that all of us should work on it in order to stop the devastation of the bridge and other public areas in the city.

In May this year, the Association Sunce received a case which we named Ravno Vrdovo.

We received a report for the open dump at the entrance to the city of Varaždin via the Green phone of the Association Franjo Koščec.
The accumulations of various wastes (bulk, construction waste) are located on the plots owned by the city of Varaždin.

We forwarded the report to the city of Varaždin, the Administrative Department of Public Utilities and Urban Planning, which then went to the field and took appropriate measures for the treatment of waste.

The Green phone of Eco Pan received several reports during the spring related to the discharge of waste and sewage water on the adjacent parcels, open channels for rainwater, fields, etc., in towns and suburban settlements around the city of Karlovac.

During last summer, the Association Žmergo received a report related to noise pollution via the Green Phone. A representative of the tenants in Davorina Trinajstića Street in Opatija complained about the noise coming from a generator from one of the stores, which is particularly evident at night when it is completely silent, and most residents sleep with their windows open.

The strategic planning and the annual general meeting of the Green Phone Network were held from March 18th to March 20th, 2015 on the premises of Green Action. This activity is a part of the partnership project "Environmental Partnership: Capacity Development in the protection of the Environment in the Public and Civil Sectors in Croatia through the Utilisation of the Green Phone Service Network”.

Dear visitors, it is our great pleasure to announce that the partnership project "Partnerships for Environment: Developing Public and Civil Environment Protection Capacities in Croatia through practise of Green Phone Service” commenced on January 1st, 2015.

The bulletin before you is the final product of the “Green Phone Network” project funded by the Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection.
The project was started in July 2011 and finished in August 2012. By analysing received calls, we have outlined the most common problems activists and notifiers have to deal with.