Slurry on private land

One of the constant problems encountered by the Environment Protection Organisation Nobilis while working on the Green Phone is precisely the discharge of slurry on private lands by careless neighbours.

The reports are most often made in the area of upper Međimurje, whether these are private fields, orchards or gardens. The area itself is specific due to the natural configuration of the soil where the adjacent property is usually on higher ground.

In such cases it is necessary to report the discharge and the perpetrator to the Sanitary Inspection, which has the right to come to the private property and order the perpetrator to rehabilitate the damage incurred. In the presented case, that was precisely the problem.

After sending a report to the Sanitary Inspection, the Inspection made a site visit, determined the damage incurred and ordered the perpetrator to rehabilitate the damage incurred at his own expense within 60 days, which he did.