Generator noise

During last summer, the Association Žmergo received a report related to noise pollution via the Green Phone. A representative of the tenants in Davorina Trinajstića Street in Opatija complained about the noise coming from a generator from one of the stores, which is particularly evident at night when it is completely silent, and most residents sleep with their windows open.

On several occasions, a representative of the tenants wrote without any success to the above store and then he contacted the Green Phone in the hope of better success in solving the problem. We sent the report to the sanitary inspection, which is competent for measuring the noise and authorised to take measures in order to reduce the noise.

Inspection conducted supervision and ordered a measuring of noise level which showed that the noise was above the permissible level and the store was ordered to replace the existing device. The store replaced the device in the short term and a new measurement showed that the noise level does not exceed the legally prescribed standards.