Environment Protection Organisation Nobilis received a call for help from the locals of the village Okrugli vrh in Međimurje County regarding the inability to further tolerate the negligent handling of waste from the poultry industry.

It is no secret at all that the Međimurje County is a “promised land” for many owners of poultry which usually not be a problem if everyone acted conscientiously with the waste from the said industry.

The adoption of Waste Management Plan and III Amendment to the Spatial Plan of the Municipality of Barilović is pending.

It was pointed out in both documents that in the area of Barilović there is no waste dumped in the environment that would be considered an open dump or illegally deposited waste. Therefore no rehabilitation of open dumps is included in those documents.

Croatian forests and construction waste: in march, a security-ecological organisation Nobilis received a report regarding access ramps in locations around the resort Puščina and Gornji Hrašćani in Međimurska county in order to protect the environment from unscrupulous people.

Via the Green phone, Eco Zadar received a report on an open dump in the City of Zadar.

The accumulations of various wastes (bulk, construction, other waste) are located in the area of forest of Bokanjac towards Žmirići.

We forwarded the report to the city of Zadar, to the Department of Municipal Services and to the municipal enterprise Čistoća d.o.o., which then went to the field and took appropriate measures for the treatment of waste.

A huge problem encountered by almost all of the smaller cities in Slavonia is drainage, i.e. a partial or complete lack of the public sewerage system for domestic waste water.

On the greater part of our counties septic tanks are in use, which, by its capacity, often do not satisfy needs, and often are "cleverly" designed and made with a porous bottom, so that they do not have to be discharged often.

Event after the last year’s withdrawal of snow.
Dead chickens saga that continues (every year we have several reports concerning dead chickens in the lead role, since there are lots of chicken farms in the surrounding area, and obviously, unscrupulous citizens who do not dispose of the carcasses in the prescribed manner).

Anonymous report from an anonymous town in Međimurje County. A gentleman was walking his dog and came to some arable land full of dead chickens scattered all around.

urban gardens which are located on protected green area vis-a-vis shopping centre Billa will soon become a thing of the past.
That is confirmed by the City of Pula which intends to “arrange” this area by filling earth and rocks from the construction site of the new hospital in Pula.

While working on the Green phone of the Green action, we are often faced with reports of unlawful treatment of citizens on which, i believe, all of us would rather not respond.
We received one such case in early July, of which we were notified by the perpetrators themselves.

One of the biggest open dumps of construction and hazardous waste in Croatia for more than a decade is located in the forest of Ježdovec to the west of Zagreb, where the waste has been illegally buried in the ground for years after illegal deforestation and exploitation of sand and gravel.

In april this year, Green Osijek received a report via the green phone in relation to illegal disposal of construction waste in the village Opatovac, municipality of Lovas.

The owner of the family house “disposed of” the construction waste resulting from the renovation at a nearby public area and dumped a part of it on the Danube shore in order to provide access for himself. We contacted the municipal services of the Municipality of Lovas.