How Croatian forest are fighting illegal waste deposits?

Croatian forests and construction waste: in march, a security-ecological organisation Nobilis received a report regarding access ramps in locations around the resort Puščina and Gornji Hrašćani in Međimurska county in order to protect the environment from unscrupulous people.

The ramps were placed by Croatian Forests in order to prevent drop offs of bulky waste in the forest and stealing of wood. The problem arose when Hrvatske šume brought construction waste themselves, to be dumped near the protective ramps for the purpose of preventing further circumvention thereof. Only after the media were informed, and thus drawn the attention of the public to the actions of Hrvatske šume, construction waste was removed, which was confirmed to us by the director of the Forest Unit in Čakovec.

The case is especially interesting because of the dose of irony, where Hrvatske šume, just wanting to prevent further drop offs of waste, brought the construction waste themselves and thus provided not a very good example of the protection of environment and nature by the state.