Hidden base station of a telecom operator on Pag Island

Through the Green Phone we received a report on the existence of a hidden base station of a telecom operator on Pag Island. The exact address is: “Stara Riva”, on the old saltworks building next to the bridge. The locals are saying that they are currently in the process of procuring a device for measuring EM fields and radiation of that type. They are warning against possibly harmful radiation and adverse impact on the health of people living near the base station.

We had forwarded the report to the Department for Communal Activities of Pag Town, and received the answer that they were not familiar with measurement results, and that they have a lease contract for the base station with Vip and T-Com.

The report was also submitted to the Ministry of Health and to the Croatian Institute of Public Health. We received the answer from the Department of Environmental Health of IPH Zadar that they do not have the possibility and that they do not conduct testing in connection with the issues stated in the report, and that we can address our issue to the Division of Living and Working Environment at “Dr. Andrija Štampar” Teaching Institute of Public Health or to the Institute for Medical Research.