urban gardens which are located on protected green area vis-a-vis shopping centre Billa will soon become a thing of the past.
That is confirmed by the City of Pula which intends to “arrange” this area by filling earth and rocks from the construction site of the new hospital in Pula.

While working on the Green phone of the Green action, we are often faced with reports of unlawful treatment of citizens on which, i believe, all of us would rather not respond.
We received one such case in early July, of which we were notified by the perpetrators themselves.

Via the green phone, namely by e-mail, Eco Zadar received the report on the devastation of natural coastline in the village of Miškovići on the island of Pag. We sent the report to the Directorate for Inspectional Affairs of the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection, as well as to the town of Pag, Administrative Department of Public Utilities and Physical Planning. Report is registered under number 42/2015.

Via the Facebook page of Green Istria the citizens sent a video in which it was recorded how the driver of the truck threw the concrete out in the sea in the area of the former military base at Valelunga in Pula!

In May this year, the Association Sunce received a case which we named Ravno Vrdovo.