Association Eco Zadar

Eco Zadar received a report through the Green Phone about an unbearable stench caused by the accumulation of animal waste in the Bibinje area. More specifically, on the road from Bibinje to Babindub, Franjada (Gornji Brig) road, toward the Gromić forest.

The waste is located throughout the length of the road. (The waste consists of construction waste, animal waste, waste from septic tanks, miscellaneous …)

Via the Green phone, Eco Zadar received a report on an open dump in the City of Zadar.

The accumulations of various wastes (bulk, construction, other waste) are located in the area of forest of Bokanjac towards Žmirići.

We forwarded the report to the city of Zadar, to the Department of Municipal Services and to the municipal enterprise Čistoća d.o.o., which then went to the field and took appropriate measures for the treatment of waste.

We received a report of an open dump of asbestos waste on the island of Olib via the Green Phone of Eko Zadar. The landfill is located just behind the seafront and, according to the notifier, it has disfigured the maritime property for a year now. We sent the report to the city of Zadar, Administrative Department of Public Utilities.

We have received a report from the resident of Posedarje concerning the unloading of faeces in the open pit having a diameter of 20 x 20 in which the septic tanks are unloaded from all the surrounding villages, and unbearable stench spreads around the village (especially because the pit is open).

We received a report by Mr. Miljenko Rakić from the village Buković number 80 via the Green Phone of Eco Zadar on the inhuman conditions of keeping pigs on neighbouring farm of the late Vladimir Rakić.

Current residents of the said farm keep the animals in poor and inhumane conditions (open sewage, poor conditions, the unbearable stench spreads around ...). Neighbours cannot open their windows or stay outside the house because of unbearable stench (elderly and sick residents live nearby), which is very difficult during the summer heat.

We received a report of illegal landfill of bulky and construction waste in the area of the Municipality of Vrsi via the Green Phone of Eko Zadar.

The open dump is located on the way to the well field Golubinka (a few minutes from the detour from the main road towards the water wells, mostly on the right side of the road, and the waste consists of old mattresses, furniture, construction waste, miscellaneous...).

The report is registered under number 134/2015, and we sent it to the municipal services of the Municipality of Vrsi.