Reporting inhuman conditions of keeping pigs

We received a report by Mr. Miljenko Rakić from the village Buković number 80 via the Green Phone of Eco Zadar on the inhuman conditions of keeping pigs on neighbouring farm of the late Vladimir Rakić.

Current residents of the said farm keep the animals in poor and inhumane conditions (open sewage, poor conditions, the unbearable stench spreads around ...). Neighbours cannot open their windows or stay outside the house because of unbearable stench (elderly and sick residents live nearby), which is very difficult during the summer heat.

We sent the report to the municipal services of the City of Benkovac which came on the site, and served the residents of the farm of late Vladimir Rakić with a mandatory misdemeanour warrant in order to repair the existing problem within eight days or remove the pigs.

Also, municipal services monitoring officer advised Mr. Miljenko Rakić to also initiate a private action to speed up the process. The report is registered under number 125/2015.