Improper animal waste disposal in the Bibinje area

Eco Zadar received a report through the Green Phone about an unbearable stench caused by the accumulation of animal waste in the Bibinje area. More specifically, on the road from Bibinje to Babindub, Franjada (Gornji Brig) road, toward the Gromić forest.

The waste is located throughout the length of the road. (The waste consists of construction waste, animal waste, waste from septic tanks, miscellaneous …)

Removing animal waste is an urgent preventive measure to eradicate infectious and parasitic diseases in humans, animals kept on pasture in the area, as well as to protect forests and the environment.

We have forwarded the report to the Veterinary Inspection and the Municipality of Bibinje. The feedback we received from the Veterinary inspection was that our report is in procedure at the branch office in Biograd, and that they will inform us about the process of resolution.
The report is conducted under number 254/2016.