“Green Phone Services Network Project” is the name of the project conducted by the Albanian Association for Environmental Protection. As in Croatia, the Albanians have also set up Green Phones with the goal to increase public participation in environmental protection and promote the right to public access to information.
As part of this project, they wish to set up a Green Phone network in the vein of their Croatian counterparts and educate new prospective members of the Network.

Network members received a total of 1437 calls in the fist half of 2011.A detailed list of calls is shown in the table.


The ten associations that comprise the Green Phone Network received calls regarding environmental problems to 062 123 456, the unique number for Croatia, on a daily basis.
Every association receives calls from the county where they are located as well as the neighbouring counties.
Network members received a total of 2685 calls in 2010.

Table 1 shows the number of calls by category, the total number of calls received by an individual association and the total number of calls by category received by the Green Phone Network.

Association Sunce Green Phone activists made an on-site visit in order to determine the facts after the townspeople of Zagvozd made calls about the paving oft he asphalt base course in the immediate vicinity of the day-care centre, health facility and nature park “Biokovo”.

The capacity of the asphalt base course is 180 t/sat and that requires conducting an Environmental Impact Study and obtaining all the necessary permits, which the investor, the company “Vijadukt”, failed to do.

An initiation request for inspection has been lodged.

The eleven associations that comprise the Green Phone Network Croatia received a total of 1437 calls in the first half of 2009. The Green Action's Green Phone that receives notifications from the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County, Bjelovar-Bilogora and Sisak-Moslavina County still receives the most calls.

The majority of received calls still pertain to waste. 497 calls fell under that category, which makes up 34.59% of the total number of received calls. Calls pertaining to vegetation, construction, and make up 25.95% of the total number of received calls.

A lot of calls made to the Green Phone of association Sunce were actually complaints about the illegal disposal of construction waste. Waste was often disposed of at private parcels owned by the notifiers or in its vicinity, which gravely affected the quality of the environment in which they live.

Green Istria Green Phone service received numerous calls about the endangerment of aquatic habitats in Istria. The most recent example is the devastation of Rakov potok (Crab Creek) in Cerovlje Municipality. As is evident from its name, this creek is the habitat of a multitude of endangered native river crabs that are protected by law (NN 70/05) and have been included in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as well as Appendix III of the Bern Convention.

The Green Phone of the association Zeleni Osijek received a call about the discharge of waste water from the dairy farm owned by Belje d.d. into the drainage channel alongside the county road Čeminac – Novi Čeminac. This proves how well we cooperate with the competent authorities.

The attached document is available on Croatian only.

Dear Duška,
After all those years of working together as friends, we are faced with an extremely difficult task… Bidding you farewell.
Words don't come easy… It is hard to describe what you meant to us, what you left behind and how valuable it is to us. We had collaborated on projects for years and had the opportunity to spend time with you. You were special, you inspired us, you were full of energy, eager to change things for the better and you remained undaunted throughout...

The Gorani Movement continued with the training of new activists even after the completion of the "Spreading the Green Phone Network" project conducted in partnership with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.