Albanian Green Phone Network in Croatia for study visit

“Green Phone Services Network Project” is the name of the project conducted by the Albanian Association for Environmental Protection. As in Croatia, the Albanians have also set up Green Phones with the goal to increase public participation in environmental protection and promote the right to public access to information.
As part of this project, they wish to set up a Green Phone network in the vein of their Croatian counterparts and educate new prospective members of the Network.
In order to achieve their goals, the Albanians visited the Green Action's and Eko Pan's Green Phones. Green Action held a series of workshops on the organisation, principles, and steps in the functioning of the Green Phone.

Members of Eko pan introduced their guests to the entire campaign implementation process, specifically the campaign for the protection of planetrees campaign that we conducted last year. After a presentation and field visit, the Albanian representatives were greeted by GIDRA from Duga Resa, who introduced them to this civic initiative and their effort to prevent polluting in Duga Resa and preserve the Mrežnica River.