Analysis of inquiries received by the Green Phone Network in 2010

The ten associations that comprise the Green Phone Network received calls regarding environmental problems to 062 123 456, the unique number for Croatia, on a daily basis.
Every association receives calls from the county where they are located as well as the neighbouring counties.
Network members received a total of 2685 calls in 2010.

Table 1 shows the number of calls by category, the total number of calls received by an individual association and the total number of calls by category received by the Green Phone Network.

Chart 1, Calls received by member

The Green Action's Green Phone receives approximately half of the total calls.

Table 2, Calls received by month

Chart 2, Calls received by category

The majority of received calls pertain to waste. 728 calls fell under that category, which makes up 27.11% of the total number of received calls.

Other most frequent calls pertain to green areas, construction and water.

The majority of these problems were resolved by the association members without the cooperation of callers (43% of calls). The Green Phones acted as counsellors and information providers in 34% of calls and mediated in resolving the problems in 23% of calls.

The percentage of anonymous calls is high (41.04%), although still slightly lower than last year.