Gorani Movement organises workshop for new Green Phone activists

The Gorani Movement continued with the training of new activists even after the completion of the "Spreading the Green Phone Network" project conducted in partnership with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
They organised a two-day workshop for new volunteers from November 20th to November 22nd, 2011 on the premises of the Society in Novi Sad. On the first day, the more experienced Green Phone activists presented the manual for providing Green Phone services to the participants of the workshop and held lectures: Role of the Civil Sector and Activism, Communication and Teamwork and Cooperation with the Media.

On the second day, Valentina Mesarić, member of Eko Pan was in charge of the lectures and the workshop. The first part was reserved for lectures: Creation and Development of the Green Phone; Goals, Principles and Necessary Tools for Starting the Green Phone; Steps Required to Solve Problems illustrated with practical examples. The second part focused on working in small groups.

Every group had to come up with a solution for two different calls received by the Green Phone, which were based on actual calls, and present how they resolved the issue. Problems that arose when the issues were being resolved were discussed by the participants after each presentation.