Association Franjo Koščec

In association franjo koščec we had several inquiries on the green phone related to crows - small beautiful birds that shout loudly (in cities) and attack agricultural lands (in the agricultural areas). At a time when the birds have nests and young birds - in the Republic of Croatia they are all protected, i.e. for them there is no closed season for hunting. The problem arises when the birds which have usually fed in landfills, lose their place for feeding, because we humans finally decided to rehabilitate the landfill.

Green Phone of the Association Franjo Koščec - Varaždin received a report of environmental pollution by asbestos plates.

Green Phone of the Association Franjo Koščec received a report concerning the smoke of unpleasant smell (phenol), which is usually repeated in the afternoon hours. 

Phenol is a very harmful substance which causes respiratory disease and cancer diseases. The following day we also received the photographs of a blue smoke coming out of an industrial chimney whose cover was lifted. 

We received a report for the open dump at the entrance to the city of Varaždin via the Green phone of the Association Franjo Koščec.
The accumulations of various wastes (bulk, construction waste) are located on the plots owned by the city of Varaždin.

We forwarded the report to the city of Varaždin, the Administrative Department of Public Utilities and Urban Planning, which then went to the field and took appropriate measures for the treatment of waste.