Asbestos plates

Green Phone of the Association Franjo Koščec - Varaždin received a report of environmental pollution by asbestos plates.

A few years ago Lepoglava Penitentiary changed the roof on its premises and ordered the company which carried out the removal of existing roof, loading and transportation from the site of the penitentiary. From the documentation which we received with the report, it is evident that everything was reported to the Inspection for Environmental Protection, and since they did not find the documentation on where all asbestos plates ended up, the report was forwarded to the Municipal State Attorney's Office in Varaždin where the case is pending.

The danger of asbestos lies in the fact that people inhale the micrometre size fibres and they are accumulated in the lungs.

We would like to remind you that in 2008 a system for collection, transportation and disposal of construction waste containing asbestos was established in Croatia, so that the citizens can call the authorised collector who will collect and properly dispose of asbestos waste from them free of charge.