Anxious citizens addressed us on the Association’s Green phone yet again, this time due to felling of trees near the Arena.

Citizens of Pula found a pitiful sight of sawing trees in front of the Social Centre Rojc.

We have previously informed the public about the plans for cutting down the trees because of the construction of the skate park based on a report of the citizens via the Green Phone. We tried to obtain information from the Administrative Department for the Municipal System and Property.

Stabla stoje

We received two reports in relation to the park of Hotel Belvedere via the Green Phone of Association Žmergo.

The hotel is closed during winter season, and therefore it does not clean its environment and obviously becomes a target for vandalism. The first report concerns the steel structure rammed into a live tree - cypress, and the other concerns the overturned or otherwise overflowing garbage can (nobody emptied it since the hotel was closed).

On the very day of the Planet Earth in 2015, citizens called the Green Phone of the Green Action with a request to help them save two Lombardy poplar trees and one cypress tree in the courtyard of their building, which several tenants wish to cut down.

Association Sunce received one case in March this year via the Green Phone, from the island of Šolta, which deals with the intended project “Setting vineyards on the island of Šolta”, which should be carried out by a private company.

In the Study on the mentioned request, it is stated that the intended project wishes to perform the procedure on a location that is in the area of ecological network (area HR4000024- carbonate rocks with chasmophytic vegetation) and is adjacent to the area HR3000094 - flooded or partially flooded sea caves, reefs, Neptune grass.

Via the Green Phone of Eko Zadar, we received a report of the resident of Sali on Dugi otok (Long Island) about illegal picking of immortelle on the islands Gornja Aba, Lavdara, and Glamoč.

Islanders assume that the pickers moved to Dugi otok, and are afraid that the island will be devastated if the illegal picking continues. We sent the report to the Municipality of Sali, to the First Police Department in Zadar, the Maritime Police, and the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection.

Green Phone of the Association Franjo Koščec received a number of inquiries related to the ragweed on uncultivated parcels.

Ragweed is one of the major allergens, it benefits from the high temperatures and summer droughts, and irregular maintenance of green spaces and increasing amount of uncultivated land are also one of the reasons for the increase in the number of people who are sensitive to ragweed.

The Ministry of Environmental and Nature Protection says that Međimurje County (and the whole part of northern Croatian) is a promised land for the owners of poultry houses.

The following example comes from the village Palinovec where 6 poultry houses with more than 40,000 fattening chickens are located only 30 meters from the pond used by the locals for many years now as a promenade, as the track for various sports activities and for traditional sports-fishing competition for children and for teaching in nature, in cooperation with the elementary school Hodošan.

Last month, via the Green Phone, the Association Žmergo received an inquiry of the tenants if it can help them protect the trees that grow in their garden.

In the garden of a residential building containing 8 apartments in Rijeka, the City of Rijeka gave the order that the wall belonging to the building must be repaired because it was damaged by the tree growing next to it.