Krka Knin

The Association Krka-Knin received a report through the Green Phone about two plates in
public areas which caused people to stumble and fall (a woman even dislocated her arm). The municipal police force of the town of Knin was informed (by telephone), and the municipal police immediately resolved the case.

At the "Krka" association’s Green phone number 072 123 456, the citizens of Rogoznica reported a case of accumulating huge amounts of waste on private property. For years they warned of this problem but after a tip, the "Krka" association sent numerous letters to the competent institutions a restoration of the area was soon followed.

Media article:

Photo: Rogoznica after :)

We have received reports from several residents of the hamlet Raškovići near Knin on the Green Phone due to a collapsed bridge over the river Butižnica. Since shepherds with animals (sheep, goats, etc.) cross the collapsed bridge every day for pasture, a real danger of tragic outcome is present every day. The recently collapsed bridge began to be crossed by the children and other residents of the hamlet Raškovići, as well as other citizens of Knin and its surroundings, and therefore the situation is extremely alarming.

Last month, via the Green Phone, Ecological Society "Krka" from Knin received a report by a group of citizens regarding the spread of highly unpleasant smell along the street.

Rivulet Marčinkovac due to the high temperature, dried out and the unpleasant smell spread as a result of accumulated faecal waste at the riverbed. Namely, city sewage of one part of the city is discharged into Marčinkovac, and because of the lack of maintenance of the riverbed, there was a build-up of waste.

We received reports from several citizens via the Green Phone of Association "Krka" Knin about almost everyday incineration on the same location in Knin, along the river Marčinkovac, during the last 6 months.

Most of the smoke was present at dawn (around 06:00 a.m.). We notified the city of Knin, municipal services monitoring officers, firefighters and the police.

Through the Green Ecological Phone company Krka - Knin we received the report from the citizen of Knin via the Green Phone of the Ecological Company Krka on the disposal of construction waste (mostly old asphalt) on a private parcel as a result of the construction i.e. reconstruction of state road Tomislavova in Knin.

Citizens reported to the Green phone of the association Krka - Knin that the bridge on Krčić was devastated and dangerous.

The Association has informed the city of Knin and HEP thereof and in a few days the bridge was repaired.

This is a good example of cooperation and encouragement that all of us should work on it in order to stop the devastation of the bridge and other public areas in the city.