Devastated bridge Raškovići

We have received reports from several residents of the hamlet Raškovići near Knin on the Green Phone due to a collapsed bridge over the river Butižnica. Since shepherds with animals (sheep, goats, etc.) cross the collapsed bridge every day for pasture, a real danger of tragic outcome is present every day. The recently collapsed bridge began to be crossed by the children and other residents of the hamlet Raškovići, as well as other citizens of Knin and its surroundings, and therefore the situation is extremely alarming.
By going into the field and by examination of the state of the bridge, we concluded the following:
1. Bridge on the River Butižnica collapsed in the middle,
2. The rest of the bridge is extremely unsafe for the crossing of people and animals,
3. Depending on the water level of the river Butižnica, the water sometimes goes over the bridge,
4. Large possibility of tragic accidents (with a fatal outcome) for humans and animals,
5. Urgent repair of the bridge is needed. We sent a letter to the following institutions (Municipal services monitoring officer of the city of Knin, the city of Knin, Hrvatske vode, Ministry of Agriculture - Water Management Administration and the Ministry of Environment and Nature Protection) and, officially, we did not get any responses yet.