More frequent spills of fuel oil in Podurinj, Municipality of Kostrena, INA still does not know where the spills come from!

At the Žmergo Association’s Green phone on April the 27th citizens reported that in the coastal area around Urinj in Kostrena (harbor Podurinj) fuel oil has been spilt into the sea. Žmergo immediately reported the said incident to the competent services (Inspection of Environmental Protection, Water Management Inspectorate and the inspection at the Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure).

We received two reports in relation to the park of Hotel Belvedere via the Green Phone of Association Žmergo.

The hotel is closed during winter season, and therefore it does not clean its environment and obviously becomes a target for vandalism. The first report concerns the steel structure rammed into a live tree - cypress, and the other concerns the overturned or otherwise overflowing garbage can (nobody emptied it since the hotel was closed).

At the end of the summer the Association Žmergo received a report from the tenants via the Green Phone, stating that there was a very loud firework in their neighbourhood, which shook their windows and there were echoes in the house.

Most of them were surprised that no one had been informed about it. Association Žmergo reported it to the Sanitary inspection, which responded that it does not consider it to be a noise, and referred us to the municipal services of the City of Opatija.

Last month, via the Green Phone, the Association Žmergo received an inquiry of the tenants if it can help them protect the trees that grow in their garden.

In the garden of a residential building containing 8 apartments in Rijeka, the City of Rijeka gave the order that the wall belonging to the building must be repaired because it was damaged by the tree growing next to it.

Via the Green Phone, the association Žmergo received a report from the tenants that there is a gold refinery in their neighbourhood, which emits toxic gases.

Residents of the village of Kastav have noticed that the air has an odour since the refinery started working in their neighbourhood, and that their fruit trees began to wither and agricultural crops sustained damage, which was not happening before.

During last summer, the Association Žmergo received a report related to noise pollution via the Green Phone. A representative of the tenants in Davorina Trinajstića Street in Opatija complained about the noise coming from a generator from one of the stores, which is particularly evident at night when it is completely silent, and most residents sleep with their windows open.