Fireworks in Opatija

At the end of the summer the Association Žmergo received a report from the tenants via the Green Phone, stating that there was a very loud firework in their neighbourhood, which shook their windows and there were echoes in the house.

Most of them were surprised that no one had been informed about it. Association Žmergo reported it to the Sanitary inspection, which responded that it does not consider it to be a noise, and referred us to the municipal services of the City of Opatija.

Municipal services monitoring officer told us that he had already received the report about the same firework and said that he acted upon it. It was a hotel, under the tenants who reported the firework, which organised the firework for the first time.

Firework was organised to celebrate the wedding which was held in their hotel, and the firework was not approved nor reported to the City. Municipal services issued a warning to the hotel and instructed it to obtain the license for the organisation of firework.