At the end of march 2012, citizens informed green action on the green phone of the cutting of trees in the private forest in sesvete. They visited the disputed parcel themselves and found that most of the trees were marked for cutting. We directed the citizens to call the police, and we, given current long-term experience, started to resolve this case with the assumption of illegal clear-cutting of forest parcel with the aim of converting it from green zone to construction zone in the Spatial planning documents, and finally constructing of buildings.

In May this year, Zeleni Osijek has received an inquiry of the citizen to the Green Phone in relation to the competence of the management of the area of eco-trails Pampas-Estuary of the river Karašica, which belongs to the Recreation Area “Drava”, which, due to its natural characteristics (picturesque, forest-covered shores, sandy beaches and dunes, abundance of fish), also represents and is recognised as a recreational tourism potential of Osiječko-Baranjska County and information related to work due to which the trail was destroyed.

The tenants of Kozarčev vijenac started making calls to the Green Phone (GP in the early morning of May 17th requesting help in saving a forest. Several of our activists went to the hills to help the citizens in their effort to save the forest. While we were climbing the hill, the citizens stopped the machines and chased the workers off the land. Only the citizens, a few reporters, the police and the owner of the forest in question stayed. They were later joined by the criminal police.