Devastation of Eco-Trails Pampas-Estuary Of The River Karašica

In May this year, Zeleni Osijek has received an inquiry of the citizen to the Green Phone in relation to the competence of the management of the area of eco-trails Pampas-Estuary of the river Karašica, which belongs to the Recreation Area “Drava”, which, due to its natural characteristics (picturesque, forest-covered shores, sandy beaches and dunes, abundance of fish), also represents and is recognised as a recreational tourism potential of Osiječko-Baranjska County and information related to work due to which the trail was destroyed.

With the report, we also received photos that show the devastation. According to the information we received from the field, the trail was destroyed by the vehicles of the employees of Hrvatske šume during the clearing in April and May this year.

We immediately contacted Hrvatske šume Osijek, you from whom we received an observation within the short period of time stating that the rehabilitation was not currently possible but that it will take place as soon as possible.