Save the forest in Kozarčev Vijenac

The tenants of Kozarčev vijenac started making calls to the Green Phone (GP in the early morning of May 17th requesting help in saving a forest. Several of our activists went to the hills to help the citizens in their effort to save the forest. While we were climbing the hill, the citizens stopped the machines and chased the workers off the land. Only the citizens, a few reporters, the police and the owner of the forest in question stayed. They were later joined by the criminal police. The owner was in possession of certain documents and kept shouting how he had every right to cut the forest down and addressed a female reporter from Večernji list, saying "I've got a flat for you too, love". After the reporter asked for his name, the owner responded with an expletive "wtf", indeed, translation is not necessary.

The police officer took my information and was then approached by "wtf" who said "C'mon, mate, let's get this over with and grab a pint, I'm parched". I immediately felt nauseous and asked the police officer for his identification. He flashed me his badge and went with "wtf" to have a beer. The rally was almost over, and after arriving in the office of GP, the head of the City Office for Agriculture and Forestry Janeš sent us the finding of the City Council signed by Morana Paliković Gruden that permits clear cutting. We don't know how this is going to unfold, but we do know that we will do all we can to protect every forest, including this one.
The text and photographs were retrieved from the Green Action website.